Bulgarian Labour Code

Bulgarian Labour Code

Bulgarian Labour Code has been amended with effect as of August 1, 2022

The Bulgarian Labour Code has been amended with effect as of August 1, 2022. Summary of the more important amendments follows below.

Prior information on changes to the employment arrangements

Employers shall provide to their employees written information on any changes of the employment arrangements not later than the effective date of the change to the employment arrangements.

Probationary period under fixed term employment for less than one year

The probationary period under fixed term employment for less than one year shall be up to one month.

Prohibition for additional employment with a third-party employer

Employees can enter into additional employment agreement with a third-party employer, unless the principal employment agreement does not explicitly prohibit this for reasons of protection of a trade secret and/or preventing conflict of interests.

Employees can propose amendments to the employment agreement

The employee can propose to the employer that the employment agreement is transformed from fixed term to indefinite term and from part-time to full time. Such proposal shall be made in writing.

Work-life balance

Parents (adoptive parents) of a child up to the age of 8 can propose to their employers changes to their employment arrangements to facilitate their work-life balance, such as remote work or other changes to the conditions of work. Employees who are taking care for their parent(s), kids, spouse, brother, sister or in-laws due to a serious medical condition are also entitled to propose such changes to their employment arrangements. Any such change is made upon mutual written consent of the parties, if practically possible.

Unilateral granting of a paid annual leave without the consent of the employee in case of declared state of emergency or declared emergency epidemic situation

Further to the amendments in the Labour Code, in the above cases, the employer can unilaterally grant to the employee the use of his/her paid annual leave even if he/she has not completed the minimum 4 months of length of service (prior to the amendments, the minimum length of service required was 8 months).

Parental leave for the father (adoptive father)

The father (adoptive father) shall have the right to up to two months of parental leave for raising a child up to the age of 8. The Labour Code provides for specific requirements for the use of such leave.

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