Areas of Expertise



Corporate & Commercial

For businesses that engage in commercial transactions, ranging from the purchase and sale of goods in the ordinary course of business to acquisitions of businesses, Atanassov & Ivanov can help add value to transactions by aiding clients with practical, cost-saving advantages.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Atanassov & Ivanov’s experience of mergers, acquisitions and similar transactions covers a wide range of industry sectors including retail, construction, engineering, mobile telecommunications, IT, pharmaceuticals.
Our team assists a number of foreign clients in corporate reorganizations, such as mergers and split-offs.



Banking & Finance

Atanassov & Ivanov provides legal services related to various aspects of private and public bank issues. Our experience includes:
Advice on institutional and private banking regulations and requirements;
Day-by-day banking operations;
Drafting of standard bank agreements;
Financing and security of bank transactions;
Finance futures and options, bank guarantees, letters of credit;
Factoring and clearing.
Atanassov & Ivanov represents one of the biggest local banks in court in numerous debt-recovery proceedings.

Project Finance & Construction

Experience is the key to finding resources to support major project finance transactions around the world.

Tax & Planning

Our Tax and Planning services are fully integrated of our Corporate and Commercial services. As a result, we provide clients with both a broad range of general commercial skills and highly technical tax knowledge.


Labour Advising

We provide advice on a range of employment and labor matters. Our team helps clients to avoid employment crisis through prevention.



Foreign Investments Consulting

The firm also advises a number of small and medium sized EU businesses on contemplated investments in Bulgarian assets.

Debt Collection

Atanassov & Ivanov is representing two of the biggest banks in Bulgaria in relation to debt recovery non-performing clients. We have a qualified team, specialized software, rich expertise and result oriented approach considering the client’s priorities. Our debt recovery team is active not only in Sofia, but also in other cities in different regions of Bulgaria, such as Plovdiv, Pleven, Vidin, Montana, Blagoevgrad, Elin Pelin etc. Our material expertise in the area of forcible execution enables to offer our clients servicing depending on their specific needs and considering all aspects of the respective case.


When litigation (before court or arbitration) is unavoidable, we represent clients against claims.


Real Estate Transactions

Atanassov & Ivanov provides full range of legal services with respect to real estate transactions and construction issues.

Provision of legal services on ownership of title (including real estate register verification and registration);
Drafting documentation for real estate transactions;
Foreign ownership regulations;
Tax and other aspects of property law;
Investment in real estates;
Consultation on bank loans and mortgages;
Mortgages and pledges on going concern with real estates included therein.